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Are you in Singapore already? I also arrived yesterday

Hello everybody, I'm Emmanuel Bempong from Ghana. I'm looking for work in Singapore, can someone assist me?

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I'm a ghanaian also in Singapore for 2 weeks now but I have still not find job yet and my visa will expire on 13 August, can someone help me find a job to help me survive?

Bempongemma: Welcome to Singapore!
Did you read the many posts about finding a job in Singapore? There's lots of good advice already available on this forum!
Please note that, even f you are lucky and manage to find a job within your short time here, work visa processing currently takes very long (one to three months!), so you'd have to return to your country or elsewhere in the meantime.

Hi sir,

My name is vishwanath, i am from india i am looking for health care job in singapore.
would you please guide me if is it possible..
Currently i am working in Cancer specialty hospital as billing manager


Currently i am working in Cancer specialty hospital as billing manager

You can try the National Cancer Centre ( … /Home.aspx) or NUS Cancer Institute (

Hey good people, My name is Anne Obure, residing in Kenya but planning to come to Singapore on the last week of October for a Masters Swimming Gala at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. I'l therefore need you guys to guide me on many things. While on my tour, I'd like to meet all those living near this venue. You could also come and cheer me!! :)

Hey I am new to the Forum and SG.
My name is Sneha Shah.
I am an IT professional.
I am from India.

Hi Everyone,
This is Shakerin. I have come to Singapore on June 29, 2017. I am living in Serangoon area. I have relocated alone and have an EP until 2019 July.

I like Singapore for it's calm and safe environment. Looking for meetups to get familiar with new culture plus new people. Also looking for Bangladeshis living here.

Hi Ashlee5, which neighbourhood did you finally settle in? There are a lot of interesting areas in Singapore but personally, I prefer Tiong Bahru mainly because of the quaint shophouses, hole in the wall restaurants and cafes. Going to key places such as Orchard and Raffles Place is also accessible without having to pay for the more expensive rent price in the said areas.

Hi everyone!

I'm Russel from the Philippines. My girlfriend and I plan to work here in Singapore. I hope you guys could share your experiences and stories with us. Hope to talk and maybe see you guys real soon!

Welcome to Singapore forum. I would suggest to go through various threads in the forum to understand in a better way. Good luck.

Hi All,

I am Michelle from Hong Kong, will be coming to Singapore in October, working in the advertising field.

HI Michelle ,

Welcome to SIngapore.  I am new here too. Just came here end of June. This is a pretty nice and safe country to live in. Good Luck!

Hi all seeking language cultural exchange by making expat friends!

Hi, I'm Samy and I've just come to Singapore from Canada and I've set up my business here. I enjoy meeting people and I've lived in Singapore before, the US, Kenya and Pakistan.

I welcome any advice that anyone may have to market my English (ESL) and Business English Tutoring services. I've worked with Berlitz in Sg and Toronto and I'm very excited to have started my own business. Would like to meet any other entrepreneurs on this forum to exchange ideas.

Thanks !

Hi everyone!

I'm Jacyln - a Malaysian biotech professional who is in the final stages of securing a job in Singapore.

I have two questions to expats currently working & living in Singapore:
(1) when you negotiate for your salary, do you include an additional, say 15%, since there is no CPF provided to expats (except PRs)?
(2) what would be the neighborhoods in singapore where there is a community of young (mid 20s to mid 40s) professionals, easy access to various exercise classes & fairly close to nature?


Happy to be in this forum.

Ms.jac, for your query 1, the HR does give additional amount while negotiating salary with you. If X Co. agreed to 6k per month, that means they have added the employer's possible deposit amount (in case you were a citizen or pr, employer contribute its portion into CPF) into your basic.

For query 2, surprise to know that you are a Malaysian but didn't know about Singapore neighbourhood! Relatively, its a city with tiny area so practically you can get easily access to each part of Singapore. You will find small gardens (man made) in many part of the city, depends on your working place, you may select where to stay. Good luck

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a place to live for 6 months starting around mid October. I am a responsible 32 year old active woman.  I am clean, quiet, fun loving and respectful.

Looking for a roommate/friend to learn from and hang out with!

If you have work pass or PR, local then you can check accommodation section, recently I had posted the details of local sites to search rooms and other details such as agreement letter signing with the land lord, if required etc.

Good luck

Great! Thanks very much! I'll do that

Jebe85: for your easy reference, below link for you.

Hi everybody, Brian here. Nice to meet you all.  :)

Hey everyone, just arrived in Singapore a couple of days ago. I'm looking for a job and for things to do and people to hang out with :) looking forward to hearing from you.
Cheers Debs

Hi, everyone, I would love to go to Singapore because of its good government and strategic location. I'm happy to be a member of this forum!

Hello, I am thinking of moving to Singapore. I need some advice. And a job as well.

Needed2010: read plenty of threads related to job opportunities here in Singapore forum. Next time write a proper introduction message, giving your experience and which field you are looking for a job.  Without giving any head or tail, how you expect someone will advise you?

Before thinking to come here, do a detailed research about job market, and market rules. It’s not easy to find a job in a highly competitive and strict working visa regulated market. Good luck.

Thank you on ur response. Advise noted.

Hello everyone! Just want to share my case.. My tep rejected last week.. Then other agent do application again for spass and epass..

I am college graduate, i have history in sg that last year we apply mom permission to marriage since i am ex permit (performing artis) but rejected..

Any suggestion what to do? I heard need mom clearance to clear all my recorda but my agent said no need..

Ditch that agent and contact ICA and MoM!

Hi I am a singaporean and working as a teacher here. Very happy to meet all of you☺️

I am Enoch, a Liberian by citizenship, from West Africa. I am new hear and would like to meet new people especially from Singapore because, it is my dream destination.

I would like to have an opportunity to travel to Singapore and advance my education (interested in Computer Science). Finding a way to make my dream come truth has always been my number 1 priority since 2015. I hope that with my dream can come to pass.

My country is a very poor nation that suffered from a civil war for about 14 years. Our literacy rate is low and we are behind technology access.

I am currently attending a local government university in my home (William V. S. Tubman University); where I am studying Computer Science & Engineering but the institution is not up to standard. We only have one professor and four lectures in our department. They are not presenting to my expectation.

I and my Mon can prepare my traveling documents and afford  my transportation to Singapore but I would need someone to assist me with living place for some time while I get adjusted to lives in Singapore. 

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Enocht: Please do not post your personal contact details here - it can be abused and is thus not allowed on this forum, for your own security!

I can understand where you're coming from. This forum is for exchanging advice (which is free) and could therefore help you achieve your dream. But please refrain from asking for practical things like accommodation here (or elsewhere on the internet) - you will hardly find any honest person offering that to you on the net.
Instead, you must find your way yourself: Save enough to support your living costs during the planned course (Singapore is NOT cheap!) or apply for scholarships, secure a place at a Singaporean university of your choice, get a student visa and move to Singapore. Accommodation can be found once you are there - to save money you should try to get a place in a student hostel on campus, if available.

Thanks for the advise.

In what industry?

In Allied education or mental health. I would be very grateful if you could be of help.

Hi all,

I am an experienced freelancer - Architect/ Artist - U.K./ Europe educated, and have been practicing in Sri Lanka since 1994.

'ENHANCE OF LEISURE/ TOURISM THROUGH FINE ARTS COMBINED WITH NATURE' - is my special research area. (Slogan: Back to Basics - Back to Nature and Back to Basics - back to art - based on Nature)
Dream: To be a part of and international community of Nature/ Art lovers.

Currently I am in Singapore - aim is to find a business link in Singapore (with a base in Australia) - in the area of Property Development.

Thanks & warm regards,

Sherrard Fonseka.

Hi everyone~ I'm a singaporean and would be glad to help expats here in singapore! Do givee me a bump if you need any help! Also.. if you would like to.. ***

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I am Sophie.

I am moving to Singapore from the US to work at NUHS for six months.

Does anyone have advice on what supplemental health insurance to get while I am in Singapore? I have health insurance in the United States and some emergency coverage while abroad from my work in the US but I am wondering if I should get additional health insurance in Singapore?

Thank you!

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