Tunisian Nationals - Where are you?

Hi I am Rakia a Tunisian recently reloacted to Singapore. I would like to meet other Tunisians to share their experiences of life here, and talk about things in our home Country, which I miss so much.

Looking forward to your response.


Hello Rakia :)) Seems none Tunisian here :). I have worked with a lot of Tunisians and some of them are my best friends and also i learn Arabic language from them.
Welcome to Singapore, im also living here with my family and i hope you enjoy living in this country which im sure very soon is going to be like your second country.
I wish you all the best.

hey Rakia, I am Amel, an Egyptian who just moved to singapore. I also would like to meet other Egyptians and Arab nationals, send me an email if interested to catch up.


Hello rakia and amel I am Rahma from Tunisia

Seems that we have quite few North African Ladies in Singapore :-)
Let s try and meet at some point
Btw, my name is Hayat and am from Morroco but I grew up in France

I'm not North African, and I'm no lady but it would be cool if I were invited too.. North Africa is soooo beautiful!

Hey Rakia, I recently visited Monastir in Tunisia, and had a blast of a time. Met some lovely Tunisians too. Anyway welcome to Singapore =)

Hi north african friends :)

Am from Algeria! recently relocated to singapore, was previously in new zealand :)

Anyone up for a coffee?

Hi everyone, i'm Algerian recently moved to singapore to reach my fiance, where are you north african, hope to hear about you soon, especially ramadan here is very hard , i'm the only arabic staying in the north west, please let me know

Hello there,

Where are you staying at the moment? I have just settled down here in Singapore too.

Hello Friends...!

So happy to see your message - my fiance and I are also from Tunisia and would love to meet other Tunisians...

Send us a message - let's get together for a mashwa ...


hello there,

I am Nordine from Monastir and I would love to meet other Tunisians here in Singapore.Are you both from Tunisia? where exactly in Tunisia?

Take care

Hi Nordine,

We are from Kerkennah - I've been here for 2 years and my fiancé has just arrived. We would be happy to get together one day - we are out tonight in Clarke Quay ...? Or another day - up to you..

Take care,

Hi Sonia, would be happy to meet you too :)
Am originally from Algeria.. Been in Singapore for more than a year.
Let's organise something :)

Hi I'm Tunisian from hammamet I'm in Singapore since 5 month I would like to meet some Tunisian

20 years old Student. Tunisian born & raised in Qatar. studying music prod & audio. cant wait to meet other tunisians! hit me up!

from sfaxx

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