HI, I am Bangladeshi and wish you happy life..:)

Hi All,
It's my first day entering here and bit confused from where to start. :) well , hope I may have kind friends whom can guide me further to have fun from here. That's all abt for today.
Pls pray for me and wish you happy life too.
Cheers !!

Welcome to Expat.com Shampaan !

Thanks a lot Julien ..:)

I wish you all the best :)

i hope u mast be made ur destination

Welcome on board giasiub ;)

A short presentation may be??? :whistle:

Also, your message seems incomprehensible :/ can you please paraphrase!


Hi, shappan

           Today is my first day too, can we talk little.


Hi Shampaan,

Welcome to Singapore and expat forum too!

Wish you all the best for your future, hope you would enjoy the time in this beautiful country.


Upsi ...!!! I am extremely sorry for my late response folks..:(. Hope you all forgive me for being deadly silent.:P . Actually i lost the password and didnt put effort to find it back. Well i am here again ..hope will talk with all of you a lot a lot ... !!:D


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