Planning to move to pakistan

hello i'm looking for some advice i married my pakistani husband in scotland and he has went back to help family member and i'm travelling alone to live with him but i'm wanting to know how things are at the airport coming out of plane ✈️ will i be ok and how is life in pakistan as i don't know the punjabi language thanks

You will be fine, people at the airport do speak may get VIP treatment

Hi i welcome you in Pakistan if you are planning to live in Islamabad or in Lahore then you can adjust easily because more foreigner use to live.
about coming out from airport is simple and easy because everyone speaks English language, but any known person should there to pick you up and safely drop you to your location.
So step forward and make sure visa required documents are valid.
If you like to ask more then you may ask.
Have a wonderful day.

thank you for the advice just never been before and me and my husband going meet his family and can maybe stay until a year and scared how can manage to cope in a different country for so long

please do not worry just hire or find a person who is can be your assistance from airport to your desire location, because of that your stay in this country will be easier. feel free to ask anything or any doubt i will help you to find better solution. thank you

Welcome to Pakistan.. you will not find any difficulty to cross airport... they will all talk with you in English and welcome you with VIP treatment.

One thing more to tell you please must in touch with the person for whom you are coming because once you  exist from the airport you will get in trouble if the person will not there to pick up you.

Welcome to Pakistan. I hope you have a safe  and a memorable stay here. Feel free to ask anything you want help with. By the way, dob't forget to visit famous landmarks while in Pakistan and definitely try yummilicous food too. Would forward you some recommendations if you wish so. Good luck!

How did the trip go? I am scottish too x

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