Best way to travel uk to Brittany

Does anyone know if there are any direct flights to Brittan from uk or best routes by car.  We are hoping to relocate to Brittany very soon.

There are several ways to get from the UK to Brittany, it depends on
several factors:-

Where you are departing from in the UK

Where you are going to in Brittany

Whether you wish to drive or not


Brittany is beautifully placed for land sea or air travel depending on the above.

My personal favourite is travel by Ferry from Portsmouth to St-Malo.

It's wonderful to drive onto the ferry mid-evening, walk upstairs straight to the
restaurant, enjoy a meal and bottle of wine, and then sleep soundly in the cabin.

The next morning starts with a shower and a great breakfast, before leaving the ferry to drive on
to the destination.

Feels like a mini-holiday on it's own.

No I don't work for the ferry company, I just like
comfortable travel.

Hope this helps.

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