Advice on finding work por favour


I really want to move to cancun but can't seem to find any jobs online, what is the best way to find work?

Would like to work in hospitality, but open to anything as have experience in sales and customer service.

I know the money isn't great, but not going to get rich ha! I would like to work in an hotel, but will I earn enough to live?

Visa situation looks fine, won't have no problems getting a resident visa :)

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Your Visa requires a permission to work at a certain job.  You can only get that Visa at a Consulate in your home country

But if I have a residence visa, dose that not entitle you to work in the country? Thank you for your help much appreciated:)

A Permanente Visa does but you still need to tell INM.

Thanks for your advice! Are visa difficult to get for British citizens?

You are not going to see alot of jobs posted online the only way to secure work is to come out to Cancun and look for someone to sponsor you. You need a sponsor to apply for a work visa unless you put your services to work such as being a maid cleaning homes or finding something to do on the internet

Keep us posted on your journey

hospitality pays 8 to 10 USD per day so you would live in a very simple house or with multiple people to a room like the locals do.

Hi, once you are there is it easy to find? Do the company's need to pay for your visa? Or are they free? Are you working there now?

Even in 5* hotels ? But I would plan to progress within the company? But you have to start somewhere! In London even with a good job you have to share a house as a foreigner unless you live with family

I do not live in Mexico.  sharing living quarters would be networked.

Katzgar, you dont live in Mexico, you shouldnt give an answer as you dont have a clue.
I'm with you Goerge, as a foreigner who would stay just a year, you would expect to live in a small flat, just for yourself or shared with other people. It's what I got when living in England. I loved it.
p.s. Im gonna answer your PM later

No need to live in Mexico to know some basic facts looks like in your post you gave pretty much the same information I gave him mine so obviously I do have a clue

Obviously you are converting the minimum wage for hotel workers with the current dollar rate, which of course you will get a relative value that does not exactly reflect the reality of the cost of things in Mexico.

true, back in 2008 salaries were about 5.90 a day

With 10 dollars here in Mexico I can buy:
Beef Round (1kg) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat)
Milk (regular), (1 liter)
Eggs (12)
Apples (1kg)
Banana (1kg)

In the US you will need 21 dollars to buy the same products.

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