Seeking work in cancun, can anyone help please?

Hi there, I would be so greatful if anyone can help me find employment in Cancun Mexico, I don't mind any work, sales, promotions, bar work etc.

Hi Darrencarr,

Welcome to!

I invite you to post an ad in the jobs in Cancun section.

Thank you

Hi Christine, thank you and I will have a look at putting an ad on,
Thank you for your reply
Darrencarr :)

I could give you some freelance job for blogs writing!

Hi good afternoon, how are you? are you still currently looking for employment ?

Hi AmericanDiamondTravel > if you are offering a job, please post an ad in the jobs in Cancun section as this is an old topic. Thank you.

Nothing is easy and you should do your homework.  The internet is full of advises.
Laws are strict here and unless you have a contract with a multinational, the salaries are very low.

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