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Hi everyone,

I am a primary school teacher in the uk considering a move to Mexico as I love the country! Does anybody know where international schools advertise their jobs? I don't want to just teach English which is what many jobs seem to be! Any help would be muchly appreciated! 😀


There are many bilingual primary schools in Cancun, perhaps you would like to have a look to these ones first

- International American School of Cancun

- Colegio Británico (British College)

- Colegio Alexandre
  -Contacto>Bolsa de trabajo (to send your CV)

- Colegio Boston

- Balam

In Playa del Carmen:

- Colegio Inglés (English College)

- International School of Playa del Carmen

- Colegio Weston

You can find a list here: … en-schools

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to put this together how kind! I have emailed a couple of these schools direct already but no reply yet! I guess it's not the recruiting season yet! I just wondered if there was like a job board site wher they post jobs like in England but I have yet to find one in Mexico! Perhaps it is a Spanish site that's why I can't find it!

Anyway thank you again so very kind 😀


We are actually looking for a K-3, native English speaking teacher for a new project in Tecate, Baja California.

Contact me, Manuel Rivera by either email:|**

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Hello Jade,

Have you already found a teaching job?

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