Finding Work in Canun

I arrived in Cancun a month ago after living in DF for 5 years. Would anyone have any advice on how to find a job? There is little to nothing on the internet.....Also are there ANY jobs that pay a fair salary?........
Please don't say the usual: sales = commission based with very little weekly pay, some as little as 1000 pesos. Language school also pay very little a month.....Could there be anything else....??

Hello Roy,
I suppose you speak Spanish? If you do, there is a huge list of jobs in this website:

good luck!

Well if you speak Spanish and English and you know someone down there tourist guide and English of course

If you already have a permission to work Visa you can change ..... and probably a generic Temporal.  After 5 years in Mexico legally you should be Permanente.  With Permanente you have permission to work but need to inform INM.

You must know what you would be interested in doing ...... not us.

Well I wouldn't know how I could work in Mexico me on disbi

I wouldn't know how I would have permission to work in Mexico. Because I am on disability here on the USA how could I get a job in Mexico with a work permit and disability do they checked everything out

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