Spanish classes and Accommodation in Cancun

One more thing...there are a need of English teachers here but..please dont count on that if you plan to make money at it. I just hate for people to mislead on how it really is living here in Mexico.  I know this because I moved to Mexico from Hawaii,,,,and what a culture shock it was.  dont get me wrong, it is a nice place to live but if you plan on getting a job you really must speak Spanish, and most important your papers to work in Mexico.  Ive seen people get into alot of trouble because of that.  If you really want to know the truth,,,the good and the bad,,,,I would be more than happy to help you out.  cathy

Ola Coconut pequeno  I was last in isla 30 yrs ago!! Coming down in Dec for Felice Navidad ! and want to stay several months and take spanish classes. Can you give me info on a small apartemento or casita or nice posada to stay that is economico?   Gracias Philipe from Ontario

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Hola little coconut
I moved to Cancun in August and I am really struggling wth the communication I am looking for spanish classes as I am hoping tolook for work in the new year.
Please advise.

Many thanks

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I  speak Spanish how would my papers work and also I receive disability  benefits here in the USA so how do I get past that
Well could it not be a volunteer to teach English without pay are what

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