Going to move to Edinburgh

Hey everyone, my name is Firman. I'm from Malaysia and I will be going to Edinburgh soon. I'm looking forward move to the new place, new environment and new people. Kindly get me a feedback on how to get a job over there and the place to stay. Thank you.

Hello cookiesfir, I am planning to move too, but I am studying the economy and other variables in Scotland. Just to make sure it is a good place to live in!

I'm currently looking for a place to stay and a job but I dont have any contacts over there. Looking forward to make new friends and great knowing you  :)

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You should check on the popular job websites in Scotland! These are Indeed, Reed, and Monster.
These are great because you can filter the results to find opportunities in a certain area, like Edinburgh for example.
If this doesn't give you any luck then have a look at the local career centres or job centres.
Good luck & let us know how you get on!

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