It is great to have joined this community. Nice to meet you.

My name is Ricardo (very Spanish name) but I am son of a English mother. I am 26 years old, and I finished my studies the last year (but I am still studying due to my work field, keep always the scientific updates!). The next November, I am going to complete a year of working in Madrid, and I have to decide if continue working in that job or not.
I am here to study the possibility to travel  to Edinburgh in order to find a job and to definitely move there, because I want to improve my career and to study there (its University has a great education related to my professional studies).

I would like to know which difficulties are the most remarkable for a young boy, who has the dream of working in Scotland from this year, 2016 (as soon as possible)

I think I have enough money saved to live 3 months independently  (without any income) in a rent house, but I would like to know if in that period (3 months) I will be able to find a PROFESSIONAL JOB IN GIS - CONSULTANCY, ENVIRONMENTAL AGENCY, DATA COLLECTOR...I am Biologist (environmental biologist) as well.

I don't mind, even I am also motivated to do it, to move to another places in Scotland, if it guarantees a job.

I have a double nationality: British and Spanish.

Thank you very much.

As you have a UK passport, you can forget all the messing around with visas, but there is a lot of unemployment up there so you might have a lot of hard work getting a job.
I'd start by hunting around for possible employers, then get some skype credit and start calling. will provide you with all the contact information you'll need for all business types in any selected area.

Thank you very much for your reply, Fred. I will look at that link carefully.

I keep in my mind that our crisis (the one which is thought to had started in 2008) is going to last forever, then, we have to work hard, yes or yes. I don't mind where, but try to do my best.

My question is that, does employers really trust foreigners? I am already British, but haven't lived in the UK for a long time.

Trust is a fun question, and one that's impossible for me to answer.
There seems to be little dislike of the Spanish in the UK as far as I've seen, but you have Brexit, the Spanish amarda and Manuel to contend with.
The latter was a Spanish waiter in a classical TV series, and still colours the thinking of many, even after all these years.

Your greatest problem is still likely to be the unemployment situation, but your attitude to work seems pretty good.

I love that tv show! Anyway, I understand what you are trying to say. When I go to UK to visit my family and sometimes, go to a restaurant or a bar , Spanish people always are serving us. :(

I already have a professional experience of my qualifications, so that I expect to get a professional job for me. 

In the case of housing, I understand that I could live for 3-4 months without any incomes, so that that's my period of time to get some money !

I am looking for financial situation of Scotland as well, news... if you (anybody) know a good website , I will appreciate it.

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