polyclinic in hawally, kuwait?

Does anybody know and seen the company al sabah pearl polyclinic in 4th ring road, hawally?
Looking forward for your positive response.

Hi! I am looking for infos about Al Sabah Pearl Clinic too. Are you an applicant as well? I'm stii waiting for my visa bound for Kuwait until now. Hope you can check my message and do respond. Thank you.

u may find them on fb
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Al Sabah Pearl Clinic & Derma Pure Clinic | Facebook … 8782152833
Al Sabah Pearl Clinic & Derma Pure Clinic, Kuwait City. 12 likes. Company.or search through google search
pervez iqbal

Yes i am an applicant also.

Yes already saw that link but they lack pictures of the clinic and full info about the company.

Do you have your visa already?

No, not yet. How about you? Did you apply for derma/ dental or general nurse?

Oh yeah, my fiancé is bound to go here and work in the same company/clinic and she'll arrive here on Sunday. I've been to the clinic too to meet her soon to be colleagues.

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