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Hi all

I am thinking of moving to Doha and from Ireland.  I'VE 2 kids aged 5 in first year of schooling (junior infants in Ireland) and 10 year old (5th class in Ireland )
Looking to relocate in June 2017.  ANY advise would be appreciated.
My son has ADHD and dyslexia. I would like my daughter to continue to learn irish as we will return in a few years.
How are supports for kids with learning difficulties?
Is there a school which offers irish as a subject?
What schools are recommended?
What are school hours?
Would we require after school child care?

Any advice would be appreciated


For Irish education i don't know but ilu can check with the embassy if it's available here or not
But closely u can go for British schools there r many here

Oh thank you so much!

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