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Hello I want to open a bank account in egypt. I will go to sharm el shire. Can I open a bank account there and lock my money. I want to make it for 3 year in national money. 10.25 is not bad. I have never been in egypt just for vacations I will go on 16 March with 20.i never worked there or I don't know someone from there. Also because I saw a topic with you inside what papers need to get from here. I am talking for the amount 50000 dolars which I get them from saudi arabia where I am working

bank misr give you 16 percent per year search for banque misr branch in sharm elsheikh when you arrive there the need only your passport my phone number is *** for your help

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I talk with banks in egypt they told me that need to have temporary residence. It is possible to avoid this thing?

Check HSBC and CIB.

You will find it extremely difficult to open a bank account if all you have is a tourist visa, in fact I believe it is impossible. Be extremely careful bringing such a large sum of money into Egypt except through proper banking channels: you could lose the lot.

That's true. You must follow the legal channels and have the necessary documents for the sources of your funds.

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