How to get an Egyptian bank account

I have been living in Egypt for the past year and a half on 6 months tourist visas and I now need to get a bank account.

Does anyone know how to do this successfully without having to show a work permit. I work, but do not have a valid work permit to show, if asked to produce one?

Can anyone suggest banks that are easiest to obtain an account with?

Check QNB Bank or HSBC Bank ,
You can call the customer service by phone and figure out requirements.
I know that what's required is only residence for 6 month's visa .

Thank you Seif C for your reply. I will enquire at the banks suggested and will post an update if successful inshallah.

I use Barclays in Hurghada They are very good. They only needed a copy of my passport and proof of address

I agree with Rikki that barclays is better , will not request a lot of documents like HSBC

HSBC is wonderfull and has a great internet banking but nowdays it is not easy to open an account even the Egyptian

My real name is Tony Carruthers. If you go to Barclays in Hurghada ask for Mr Ahmed.He knows me. I have a Premier account there with a tidy sum in it  and if you say I recommended you,it should be easier.

hi, just thought i'd throw in my two-penny worth! don't bother with Barclays in central Cairo, i tried recently and they wanted all the documents, no help at all, just told me those were the rules. Obviously it must depend on who you get to speak to, who recommends you, etc, but i have a feeling that rules have been tightened up in many areas here and things are not as easy as they apparently once were.

Thank you ALL for taking the time out to reply to my forum question.  Really appreciate it - :)

Rikki (aka Tony) I wish I had known this back in March when I was living in Hurghada. Unfortunately, I have left the area and returned back to Sharm to live. I won't be returning back to Hurghada, not for me. If anyone could recommend a bank there that might do it for me that would be fab!

I have been browsing the internet for literally days trying to find a bank I could open a bank account in Egypt with a tourist visa - and I need one in Hurghada, I didn't even try to look as I thought Cairo would be my best bet.
Can I ask if you did anything special to get that account? And I need an LE account, does that make anything easier?

I have already written to HSBC and Barclays. I wasn't really expecting an e-mail back though. I know NBE have stricter rules. Why I just can't fathom. They need the customers!

Hi. I've a registered company. I can provide you with an HR letter to provide it to NBD. It's the easiest bank to hold an account. They might not ask for anything. I remember when i went to register a current account. I replied all the questions with "no".
i was still eligible to get an account. Lol

Hi, I need to open an account with NBE preferably... I will be in Hurghada at the end of September. If I have trouble opening the account and need a headed letter from a company I may contact you. Is that OK?

hi dear
to get an Egyptian bank account you must have an address in Egypt and you need copy from the contract with any invoice for elect,ghas,water and you can go to NBD bank they are soo good and not complicated

best wishes

Thank you for the reminder about documentation for proof of address. I am going through a strange situation which involves Egypt and I am stressed because the bank I need to contact won't answer phone calls or e-mails... I need to have more faith that when I arrive things will be easier than via the internet and the telephone. I have become used to European standards and ways of life when once upon a time I wouldn't have stressed over any of this stuff because the middle east was my way of life and home.

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