GAMCA approved medical centers in Oman...

Hi.. can anyone suggest GAMCA approved medical centers in Oman  ?

currently i am working in Oman. i got job offer from Qatar. They are asking medical report. so, where i can get it from Oman ? and what are procedures to follow?   is it to prior register in GAMCA & then only go to their specified center  for test ?

For Qatar visa processing what are the things requires ?  Need to get police clearance certificate from oman or india  ???

Hi vijay vj,

Almost every single polyclinic in Muscat is GAMCA approved. Go to the one nearest to you and enquire. Since all the details on the process of GAMCA has been discussed in this forum, kindly do a simple site search and fill yourself with all the details.

Thank you

For visa processing, I got medical report in Barka,Oman. Badr AL sama hospital.. They have special division for that.. The report seems same as we getting in India by through GAMCA.

Dear vijay,

I am also looking for GAMCA medical centre, i am in IBRI...can you please guide me how to get this done. I too got an offer for qatar.

What docs.we need for doing medical. Offer letter is enough or some other. Please advice.



Hi Suji,
           My situation is same as u rs at that time.i am also a doctor and got an job offer from Qatar.i am working in Ibri,Oman.the job Consultany wants to apply for job visa and they r asking visa medical.from where I can do it in Ibri.where did u do at that time.kindly guide me.thanks.

I'm in India, I got job in Oman, I done with Gamca medical tests in India, again any other tests ll be done in Oman?

Hi Raghu5351,

Yes. After your arrival and before your registration / resident card issue, there would be another medical test to be done at the government clinic in Muttrah.

Only if the medical test form is signed and sealed by the duty doctor in the government clinic would the resident card be issued.

Can you please tell me.. what tests they will conduct?

Hi Raghu5351,

They would take a vial of your blood which would be sent for screening.

The lungs would be checked for any fluid retention and for any irregular beatings of the heart.

Besides, a cursory scan would be done on your body to notice any physical abnormality, including for hydrocele (for which you obviously have to drop your pants and cough !)

Thanks a lot sir..!!

Sir again with that vial of blood?? Thy ll b performing any tests?

Please kindly reply for it sir, Really I thanks a lot for your patience.

Raghu5351 :

Sir again with that vial of blood?? Thy ll b performing any tests?

Hi Raghu5351,

If you have anything worthwhile to inquire do so please.

I need reply for this.. regarding again thy ll do tests der in Oman..??

Raghu5351 :

I need reply for this.. regarding again thy ll do tests der in Oman..??

Hi Raghu5351,

The forum has answers to all your questions - and so much more too. So, please take some effort to look for and read those discussions.

Dear brother's,

I am in Oman on visit I have an offer from Bahrain they are asking for medical ,can I get it done from muscat(Oman)???

I yes,how much will be costing me?

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