go home without permission

I just want to know what if I wantt to exit Oman eithout asking permission to my sponsor? is it possible or maybe the immigration officer will interrogate me?

Is that legal?

yes it is...

Hi falsemay,

You can exit Oman if you have your resident card and your passport with you.

If you do not intend returning, then you must have your employment visa cancelled, for which you would need your company PRO with you to cancel your employment visa and carry back the visa cancellation papers from the airport (so that the company can apply for the employment visa of another candidate).

Now, if you wish to leave without your employer's knowledge and not return, then it is legally known as 'Absconding'. And absconding is a grave offence, with serious repercussions.

By absconding, you are only leaving the doors wide open for your employer to harass you if they even so much desire. If you want to know more details, please do a site search on the said subject.

Okay thanks! very much appreciated...

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