Foreignes marriage in Oman

     How are you friends.I'm from Pakistan.I want to share my problem with all of you.I have a girlfriend here in oman. She from Philippines. She working in Muscat as a housemaid.I'm working here in a company..we love each other so much and want to get married in we want to know that how can we get married here in oman..what is the requirements.if anybody know about this..plz inform me. I'm very thankful to you..

Hi Imran rajput and welcome to :)

Please feel free to have a look at this link : … eEntry.asp


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Imran rajput,

If you are planning to get married in Oman, then the wedding would have to be formalised in your Embassy. So you must first approach them with your request for marriage and the embassy would guide you on the various formalities and procedures required to be fulfilled before the wedding can be formalised.

Similarly, your girl friend must also contact her embassy in Oman and complete the required formalities. Once done, the marriage can be then be made legal.

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