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Dear Youssef,

  One of my friends is working at Riyadh and he has been hired by a company X. ( don't want to mention company name in public). Company X didn't make his Iqama since last 4 months and they are not giving him final exit till now. He as another job offer from Company Y but that company is saying that we can not take your transfer until you Company X release you. I saw you comment above i.e. in case company X does not make Iqama during first 3 months, employee can take release / transfer from them. Can you guide through the way how he can join company Y and how he can take transfer from Company X since Iqama is not ready yet. In other case, how he can get final exit if he want to go home? Kindly advice.

Dear all,
I need advise for my labor court case.
Is someone here as Labor court lawyers.

I am not able to pay fee I just need suggestions


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Dear Yusuf,
Kindly help me I have file case against my employer and my first hearing date is 22 of February 2018.
After that may be case will be referred to high court.
My problem is that I don’t have money and without money how can I hire lawyers ?

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Salam Alaikum Yossef,
I am Idris from Pakistan but settled here in KSA, I have a lady friend in Mexico, she wants to be a Muslim and we are are ready to get married. How to invite her to KSA  to convert her to Islam and we get married here?. Please guide me in this regard.


prime prince :

Salam Alaikum Yossef,
I am Idris from Pakistan but settled here in KSA, I have a lady friend in Mexico, she wants to be a Muslim and we are are ready to get married. How to invite her to KSA  to convert her to Islam and we get married here?. Please guide me in this regard.


why don't you invite her to Pakistan and get marry.. I think that will be more easy for you atleast..since you and the lady is not resident of Saudi arabia and both of you has to go through so many formalities. if you go to Pakistan and invite her there, both will suffer less.

Dear sir,
I am medical professional and working as specialist buy iqama is showing status of technician..I filed case at labour office on 16 January was first date today but my sponsor didn't come and now got another and last date of 13 March.. What would u like to suggest me in this matter? I didn't leave job and still working with the same sponsor..

Hey hey!
I have a question. I am an English teacher and our over time salary is set at 60 riyals per hour but our normal salary is far more than this. Online by law and to my knowledge overtime should be calculated at 150% of our salaries.
In our contract it only states overtime at be pre approved, nothing about rate.
So my question is can this be legally forced?

Good afternoon Mr. Yossef

Is it lawful in the saudi labor law .. To force their employee to resigned and to agree to take 30% only of the end of service benefits or ESB.. And promised to give the rest  70% in a monthly basis.. but they never will  in some cases of those who resigned or terminated already 2 years but never completed the payment.

What about termination for no such valid reason?

What action you advice in free guards to this matter?

Good day Mr.Yossef,

          I am an expat here in saudi arabia for the past 6 years i have been going in and out of the country and had no problems but since last year my boss filed the three of us his employees as huroob but due to the last amnesty my other collegue and me got final exit from jawazat and the the remaining other did not get final exit because of a police case filed against him with all that finished we tried to fix the problem of our other friend but instead my other collegue got the chance to go home and me stranded here with my other friend and because of waiting also for him to finish his problem when it was my time to go to the airport and go home eventhough i have final exit given by jawazat we discovered that now i also have a police case which was not present when i applied for the final exit, what should i do sir i know if go near that police station my boss has a lot of connection's and he already threatend me that he will imprison me for as long as he like,

Hope to hear from you soon sir if you can share to me your contact number i will be much happier to call you.


Kudos to @Yossef11 and everyone else in this thread who had been helping people. It is truly aspiring, keep it up. God bless the hands that give!

Good day,

me and my wife are foreigners working in Riyadh as physiotherapists. Our employer terminated our contracts before expiry. I think, that it is in conflict with KSA Labor law, because according to me their reasons are not included in article 80 of Labor law. I would like to know, if we have right get some compensation?

Thank you very much.

Lukas Teply

their reasons for me:

,, We could not get approved from Saudi Commision specialities for your professional certification. As well as comparing your monthly cost with your income result during last year.''

for my wife:

,, We recieve a lot of complaints of patients about your work. As well as comparing your monthly cost with your income result during last year.''

and here are conditions for termination of services in our contracts:

a) acceptance of resignation

b) if the Second party (L.T.) cease to work without valid reason for a period 15 consecutive days or 30 intermittnet days

c) disability to perform work

d) termination by the first party (employer) at any time, provided that termination is preceded by at least 60 days notice. The first party may terminate this contract without notice period, on condition that he pays to the second part a notice period compensation (basic sallary and housing allowance)

e) termination by the second party after submitting a wrtitten notice of at least 60 days, otherwise the second party must pay to the first party a compensation equal to the notice period (basic sallary and housing allowance)

f) termination by the first party during 3 months period of probation in such a case the first party shall be responsible for the cost of the second part travel to his country of origin

You better file a case or designate someone to represent you before labor court. You case have good potential

Hi !
My question is I have completed 2 year first contract. Total 2 year 10 Month now. I gave resignation they accepted but giving me exit re-entry, kindly advice me if there is any law or rule in Saudi regarding this. I want to go with final exit. They are saying if you leave before complete 2 year then you have to go through exit re-entry.

Time is more important than anything else so I suggest you to go back to your country cz case takes too much time.Don't expect justice from MOL but u can win case when ur case is in court but it may take 1 to 3 years as I saw such cases..

Your contract automatically renewed cz u didn't go after completion of contract..Its upon ur sponsor now to give final exit or exit re-entry..Don't expect justice at ministry level..

Hi, good day to you.

My son is my dependent. He left for Philippines on Exit/Re-Entry Visa on May 2016 and never come back due to studies.  The Exit/Re-Entry Visa expired on November 2017. I surrendered my son Iqama to my previous company to cancel along with the exit/reentry visa but looks like, they unable to do it. Now, with my new employeer and my Iqama is soon to expire, they told me that they can not renew because my son is still on my dependent status. Kindly assist me how to cancel the exit/reenty visa. Thank you and  more power to you.

Thank you so much....

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