Coming from India to Sau Paulo for higher studies.

Hello everyone,
I am from India and i am about to get admission in USP for my Masters in Computer Science. I have seen other topics to gather information but to no avail hence posting a new topic on my own.
I am aware with  the complex rules/regulations of Brazil which says that someone studying on a Student Visa can not work. Does it go with the part time as well? And maybe who have gone through the same situation as mine could answer it well, how do you guys covered your personal expense since Sau paulo is known be quite a lot expensive. Are there people who worked anyway despite of having just the Student visa? I am all set but Personal Expense thing is the only obstruction for me. Any sort of Idea is welcome.
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Not even one person who went for higher studies?

I can't really say but i think you can break this rule. I'm sure you can find a part time job somewhere around  that won't ask you for a work book. so go for it, and why go to Sp ? the cost of living there is sky high. well depends on which city you'll be in. Anyways don't be scared to go after your dreams . Jobs is an issue right now in brazil but you can work even on a student visa .

Hey Yulana, Thanks for the reply.
I am aware of the high expense and that's what i am concerned about. It happens to be that i will be in the main city. I am waiting for the selection results which is due to be out next month. I am hooping there are ways which i may be able to work to cover my expenses even though the rules don't allow me to. Are you studying there as well or are you working?

Hi Nazaf,

I was able to work on a student visa but it was kind of as part of my studies.  I did an internship at a marketing company, which was arranged by my university.  However the pay was so low that it was barely worth it.  I think I made more money from my student allowance than I did from the job.  After I finished the internship (which went for 6 months, and my visa was for 1 year) I was still allowed to work (not that anyone checked anyway). 

I would check with the University and see if they have any grad programs or internships available, or connections to companies that offer these programs.


I live here, after 6 years of being here i decided to go to the

Hey Yulana,

What are you studying?  What University do you go to?  Are you enjoying it?


Hi Nawii,

Thanks a lot for the insight. I have contacted a few organizations which provide paid internship kinda thing for international students and as you mentioned, pay won't be very good and i am not sure if it will be worth it. I contacted USP as well and they won't be assisting me in any internship. So it's all on me. I hope i get something in next 2-3 months after landing there in case i get selected.

That's great. What are you studying?

Estacio, it's a private university,not easy as i am studying Civil Engineering

Hi Nasaf,
Firstly, well done if you enter in a master of Computer Science. This is one of the best uni in Brazil and a lot of brazilians would dream to get a master there.
You cannot officially work with your student visa. I believe Brazil believes that you can sustain a life there with your money from abroad (certainly part of the selection process).
You should check student association from USP for cheap accomodation/sharing flat. There are certainly some junior enterprises in IT at USP. I am not sure what's work status is use when working in junior company but worth to check. And off course you could give particular english lessons, or math/sciences.
All the best in Brazil

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