I need someone to improve my english

Hi, i would you like to know, if you are living in Brazil, i need someone to learn and improve my english...

Can you help me ?



Hi Giu, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I'm sure you will find some contacts to help you to improve your english. :)

I wish you good luck

Thank you my dear, i really want speak properly English... with someone from UK...

Hi Giu!

I am from Ireland and will be moving to Sao Paulo on February 24th. I am a qualified English teacher and would be happy to teach you if you are still looking for somebody in a few weeks time.


Hello Gui,

This is Wissam from Egypt, I moved recently to SP, it would be nice meeting you.

Here is my MSN: xx...and you can reach me on Facebook Wesam Hamed (xxx)....

hope to see you soon.

Hi Gui,

I´m a Canadian (English teacher) who has been living in Brazil for 9 years. If you are looking for English classes of the highest quality, not just English speaking friends then check out my website  I am sure you will find it interesting and informative.

William James (Jim) Woodward - Director / Teacher, Native English Idiomas

Hi there Iam from England, and from the county of Essex, a county to the English is a starte to Brazilians
one of the best ways of learning English is to listen to the BBC radio, and the best would be BBC Radio "2" BBC radio "4" or the BBC world service, so you be able to here the way English should be spoken
radio 2 is music and might be better for you
please let me know how you get one

yes sure i can help you

for you to speck english, you have to learn  english with a private english teacher,  the teacher will now see were your problem in english are . than it will be more easy for you to learn. but you must speck  out . speck anything you know  . lam an english teacher  l live in sao paulo -sp, ***

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hello Sir,
I'm looking for job in Brazil.
can you guide me how to find job.

Hello sir,
I am from India and I am looking for a job in Rio de Janeiro, I was studying engineering, but I left in the second year.
I speak Portuguese,
I want to come to Brazil because I want to work and live there.
I'm looking for a job there for 1 year, it is difficult to find work on the Internet
If you can help me in any way I will be very grateful to you.
I hope to hear answers from you soon.
thanking you

Hi Vida
the only real work in brazil is to create your own,
in other words, start your own business, or go in to partnership with someone else,


I'm British and need someone to help practice my Portuguese! Please let me know if you're interested, am happy to help with English. I'm a teacher here in Sao Paulo.

Many thanks,

Hi Lindsay,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Language classes in São Paulo section of the website so that interested members may contact you.

All the best,

Hi Gi, I have several good contacts too if you are still looking for someone. Kind regards

teacher of english living in brazil

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