South africans looking to relocate in Mauritius

Hi everyone

hope you all are well.

We are currently living in SA and looking to relocate in Mauritius.

does anyone have a connection or advise on whom to contact to look for a job while we are still this side of the world, as well as to do the paperwork to get our permit/visas.

I am a qualified nursery school teacher and my husband works in construction. We would like to open a English based pre-primary school as I know there is a shortage of English schools there.

or a guest house/ bed and breakfast.

are there any South Africans that can help me out with some advise?

does anyone have some advise for me?

much appreciated.

Hi there

I would suggest you first find out whether the salary rates available in Mauritius suit your expectations. Moving for a job is different to moving for investment / business. You will be dependent on a fixed salary and may experience a sudden (sometimes brutal) change in life style. A little bit of homework is essential here.  Members may advise and comment if you give more precise information on the job you're looking at, y and ur qualifications,etc

Pre-primary schools is a good idea but there is no shortage of it on the island, as per my observation. Reputed private schools are in the four corners of the island and the centre. The ratio of demand to supply seems ok.

Guest house a definite no-no because no longer open to foreign investment.

As regards permits and papers, there are specific schemes operated by the Board of Investment and Ministry of Labour.  There are many posts describing these but if you have precise questions, I can help.


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