Can someone please help me & translate what this means in english?

7ataa enaa twaaa7chteeek

It means:

I miss you too.

Thank you!!! What language is that?

Its Tunisian dialect of Arabic.

Word to the wise, be careful.

It's Tunisian Arabic spend with la tin letters and they use numbers for some letters.

Youre scaring me! Why do you say that? Can you please help me translate this?

3leh tatla3chy o5tek Ou fibelich
Maahlenaa ya Raab
Nfat9ou hhhh

Thank you so much for your help and wise words!

I miss you too

My love
why ? Was she your sister and i did not know ?
My god we look so cute hahaha

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are Welcome

it means I miss you too

i miss you too

itmeans i miss you too

Judging from what's between the lines I'm guessing it means, "Block him because this looks very strange".

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