Opening up a BBQ restaurant

I am really thinking of opening up a BBQ restaurant serving briskets and ribs. I am a pitmaster with few championships under my belt. Do you think something like this would work. Your opinion and suggestions are highly appreciated.

I'm brand new to Egypt but think it'll do well in the more "western" and ritzy parts of the city like Zamalek. Of course I'm biased to support your BBQ endeavors, coming from Texas :D

I'm in marketing and design and have some ideas for you: try to make it "themed" in some way and I think Egyptians will really enjoy the appeal as well as foreigners. For example, maybe have a "wild west" kind of theme with your logo and restaurant design - cowboy hats, lassos, longhorns, etc. People will enjoy the food but also have fun with the ambiance.

Great, i have a customer already :) Thanks, certainly the whole deco thing will have a southern feel. As far as location, Im thinkng maadi or new cairo.
Im just worried the food itself would not appeal to the general population.

Good day!  Being from Texas, that would be great- who doesn't love good BBQ?  My husband and I will be moving there next August as I have a job at the American School near the Maadi neighborhood.  Let's keep in contact through this forum, and see you next summer!  Carol

Oh, we will definitely be customers!!

Thank you. I really hope it works and the food would appeal to the general public. There isnt a single BBQ restaurant in the whole country. Not sure if this is good thing or bad.

BBQ is always a good thing. Good luck un your endeavor.  I'll let the American School know about it when you open. Keep in touch!

Need help ??   I manage restaurants. (Buffet and Dine it ). 30 years experience . From San Antonio and can cook a meen brisket and ribs .

If i do go ahead with the plans. I will sure give you a call.  :|

Dear scot34
welcome to Egypt , yes the better the place u choose the more successful is your Restaurant , i know there is a Mexican restaurant at Maadi sells BBQ
i was thinking of making a restaurant for Asian food as i have an Asian chef with me, it is very popular among Expats and Egyptian people too , let me tell u a secret many Chinese people here and all over the world loool
good luck

an update to people who were interested. i started the business, I just couldn't afford a brick and mortar so i decided to give online catering a shot.
Thanks guys, i am ready to receive orders on my facebook page @cairobrisket.
Come on guys let's get some orders out, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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