French/English Exchange language at La Praille?

I am French native speaker and I would like to improve my English. My level of English is intermediate. I spent few years overseas in Australia and now I would like to continue talking english.
I can help you with your French. We can meet for lunch time and can do 30 min in English and then 30 min in French.
The best for me is to meet at La Praille but please contact me to see where we can meet.

Oh I forget to say, I'm a mom of 2 and I'm married. I love travelling, hiking, skiing, listening to music...
Please contact me !

Have a good week

Hello Sandy
how are you?
I'm Suzie, Mom of 5 yo sweet girl. We were living in Lyon, France for about 6 years ago before moving in to Geneva.
My husband is french, but most of the time at home we speak english! :D
I'd like to improve my horrible french :D
So, perhaps we could help each other :)

Well, look forward to hear from you soon maybe
Have a good nite Sandy

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