Japanese friend

Is there anyone around Geneva who wants to have a japanese friend ?

こんばんは。私の名前はジュリアンです。三か月福岡にすんでいて日本語をべんきょうしました。でも私の日本語がじょうずじゃない。If you're into meeteing someone that speaks english (I come from canada) and can also speak german in case you want to practice your german skills, then maybe we could meet sometime or wright e-mails. I'm looking for someone who can speak japanese so I can practice my japanese skills. At the moment I think I'm probably between level N5-N4.
I'm currenty studying aviation at the Zurich University of Applied sciences.I know I dont't rwally live around the corner (I live in Aargau) but I sometimes visit a friend in lausanne so maybe we could meet up then.
If you're interested give me a shout xD
Cheers Julian

Hello, all ok?  :idontagree:

hello :)

my English isn't fluent but i'm still learning this language...

hello again,
how are you?

i live near Geneve but i have language school in Geneve so i'm 2 per week in this city...
i don't know many people in this country so it would be nice to talk or drink coffee or tea.... if you have time sometimes ...

have a nice day


Hi Elena. Where aré You from?
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yeah :D

Sure! haha the more friends the merrier! :D

hellooo elsa....

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