i'm new in Switzerland - Geneva - Looking to meet nice people

i'm Marlen and i'm an au-pair - near Geneve and i don't know anybody in this country - except my family xD
my English isn't fluent when but i trying  - nobody is perfect i think... xD
it would be nice to meet someone and go out for coffee.
I'm learning French -  if anybody would like to help me- from time to time in exchange for coffee or cinema - it will be nice...

Hello Marlen

welcome on board :)

So as to increase your chances to meet other people around you, I suggest you to participate on threads in our Networking in Geneva section.

For learning french and bettering your english, I suggest you to place an advert in our classifieds section : Language Exchange in Geneva.

Kenjee Team


I'm pleased to have a drink and help you to improve your French.

Hi there , I'm a scottish guy living at Evian ,if  you would  like  to meet  for  a coffee or drink ,drop  me  a  line  sometime ,regards Don ..

Hi, that could be tricky as i'm currently living in Saudi Arabia LOL.  But thanks for the message.

Hope you find someone to have that cuppa with.


Hey Marlen, do u have instagram? lets keep in touch and maybe meet one time for coffee

Hello guys, i've been 1 year live in france near to geneva city but I couldn't find a friend so far. I am also learning french in red cross but havent luck for friends as well. Wish to find friends here to share, hangout and do anything in common specially for girl friends.

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