Is this a scam?

My friend is in Ghana she ask for 1400.00 for her passport renewal and flight fare to san Diego

Sounds a lot like a scam

Is that US $? You can look at the airline to find the price of the fares. Is she getting a Ghanaian passport? That's not expensive but then she will need a visa for the US and you can also find the cost of that online. You can total all that to see how much it will cost but to me it isn't far from the price.

Of course there is no guarantee that once you send the money she will use it for air tickets etc. Scammers are clever and will perhaps realise you will check so ask for a reasonable amount.

I am Ghanaian lady and what i can say is you should thread cautiously .If you know this friend well then no problem but if not then there may be a chance that you can be scammed.please deal with your friend with much caution.

Most likely, yes.  I'm not sure of how much the passport would be, but do know that the flight would cost a lot more than that.  Also, there are so many visa issues in Ghana, it's very unlikely that she's just planning to come like that.  I would not send the money.

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