Cost of Renewal of Usa passport in Accra

Hi Everyone
I have a girlfriend in accra
She tells me is holding a USA passport
and has to be renewed

She is telling cost of renewal of us passport
is 700 us dollars

This sounds ludicrous!
can someone please provide me the actual am getting a feeling
a scam is coming my way!

I suggest you look at the USA website and check the amount. I am sure all the charges are there.

thank you,ive already emailed them.
appreciate your reply

By looking at the USA Embassy website I got the info that a passport renewal costs $110 so it looks like your girlfriend is trying to scam you.
When I put in the question the info that came back was to beware of scams

yes i knew it was a set up
thanks for the info,much appreciated
one other thing,if i may ask?
has everones internet bill gone up by the amount of $195 this month?

I don't understand your question as most people in Ghana don't have an internet monthly payment plan. We use iburst and buy GHc 50 cards to add units to our system.

Hello again
I must apologize for asking questions all the time,
you are knowledgeable and i appreciate your patience with me.

The woman i am involved with tells me her internet provider
is called "Brouldband" not Broadband,i have googled this name
but am not getting any results,also she will not answer the mobile phone to me, i am at my wits end now ,and have already paid for flight
but will have to cancel flight,as im not getting any sensible
replies from her.

I appreciate your replies you have been most helpful

I also think that is a scam as there is no such company and as I said there are no companies which offer broadband packages unless you run a business.
Most people just have a modem of some kind and pay for the units as and when they have money.

Thank you for your comment,i know now where i am
its obvious that the document her internet bill
much be a forgery of somekind,and wants the content of my wallet,not me!

Thank you for your advice

Hello! I have a question. What documents will need a person to come to Ghana in London unless passport?

I don't really understand your question. You need a passport and then you need a visa. There are different requirements depending on the type of visa you apply for. You will find all the details on the ghana immigration website.

Hello! Obviously I do not really asked my questions correctly, which you apologize, but thank you. So, it's not for me but for my poznata.Eto my story. Recently I met a girl who told me that he lives in Accra, but like a lot to me to come to London, but this will have to renew your passport may have had in mind, among nations and passport and also are nyakavi took documents that should have taken from your personal doctor, and all this service are being required total 445 British pounds, or more precisely, said that 235 British pounds and will need to renew passport, and 215, the document that would take some of the personal and doctor. My questions are these! Really would like itryabva document and personal doctor, what is this document if such document exists and is it possible to cost 215 British pounds. And my other question is, what is the cost to renew a passport?

If the person is just renewing a British passport then it costs very little to renew it. I suggest you look for charges on the uk government website. If she is renewing a Ghanaian passport then again it doesn't cost that much. I suggest you take care if someone from Ghana is asking for money as once you start paying you might find that there are lots of other things they want.

I looked on the web and suggest you do the same. It costs around £75 to renew a passport if you are overseas. You can also see the documentation a person requires to renew a passport.

Hello ma'am, how are you? Most heartily thank the cardiac response, which helped me a lot, and I was freed from its trap, the trap of a cheat! Apologies for words!. Wish you all good and once again thank you!

all of you here will be victims of scam if you don't stop talking to them,paul she is not picking your call because she is not real as well as to you too alex,and mind you,you ll are not talking to women,but men

From Noel19
I have a friend who says her mother is sick and wants me her US $700 for a doctors visit in Accra.
What is the normal cost of a vist to a General Pratitioner?

Also she wants a Ghana passport which she says costs US$250 and I have checked the web site which state US $50.
What is the coreect price?

It sounds expensive for just a doctors visit. My husband took his brother to a private clinic here and for a visit it was around US$150 for the registration consultation and drugs.
Of course if there is need for further treatment it could get quite expensive.
The local hospitals are much cheaper but she couldn't get treatment at the moment as the doctors are on strike!

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If i should tell you guys over here saying sh.. about the renewal of passport have to go like this  when you get to the embassy you have to Pay  for passport form and it cost $50.00 after that you have to pay for Processing Fee $ 180.00  if i may ask when you add that how much it that and i just get mine done last week so you have to stop saying that sh.. and do what is needed

Historia how mucho es it cost to renew my passaport  live in ghana

Can someone tell  me how much it cost to renew a passport in ghana accra

It depends on the country. I suggest you look at the website for your nationality and you will find all the related costs and the relevant information there

Is her name Bernice  or theresha afful same senerio  blonde hair white girl really pretty. Has a USA passport but needs renewed, needs $150 for internet, need s $200 for groceries but has nice clothes and a nice home says she lives with her mom and her dad died in Florida. Want to marry me.  But her name is real and photos are her. She calls me everyday not for money but she really wants to come to America and marry me anybody know her.

Her pictures and name might be real but she is probably not the girl you are talking to.
It seems there are a lot of beautiful white girls here telling the same story and always asking for money. I personally think it is a scam and you need to do some investigations first before you find you have sent thousands of dollars for nothing. Look on the USA government website for scams in Ghana and you will find information there

I think I may have the same experience as you.
Would your girlfriends name be Sandra Nuhu or Sandra Atta?
She quoted me $350 to renew a passport.
May I ask what your girlfriends name was?
Did she live in Tamale?
Please get back to me.

So I also have a girlfriend who is working at an orphanage. She has sent me many pictures of herself as well as her and the orphans. She claims $500 dollars US is what is needed to renew her passport. 200 for the passport and 150 for a criminal check and 150 for a medical check. Before she can fly back to the USA. Scam or no scam ?

Who knows? It is very easy to falsify photos. I suggest you look on the website of the US to see the requirements for renewing a passport. There doesn't seem to be any need for medical or criminal checks.
It is really up to you to decide whether or not it is a scam

Who knows? It is very easy to get pictures.
Check the US Immigration website and you will see the charges. I don't think you need a criminal check or a medical to renew a passport

Sorry - didn't mean to post twice

How much does a resident of Accra pay to renew their passport

100 Ghana cedis but can pay more for express service

Hkann- I don't think these guys will listen when anyone tells them they are being scammed. I think once you have actually been to Ghana (and other such places) you understand.  I do  feel a bit sorry for these guys.

I agree but it is not just men it is also women who are scammed.
Often they are sucked in and have already paid a lot of money before they ask for advice.

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