Cheap groceries. Personal groceries shoppers available in Nairobi?

Dear fellow Expats, I where can we find cheap groceries? Their should be places half the prices from Nakumat, Westgatemall. Where is that vegetable markets that Iv heard so much about? Is there a personal groceries shoppers available in Nairobi? Does a 500cl Tusker really have to cost 200 Bobs? Or is there any beer dude that I can call? I live in Westlands and we don´t have a car.

Best Regards Johan, Householder/ Housewife-Man and Swede living in Nairobi

There is a market in Parklands, opposite Aga Khan Hospital, which sells fruit and vegetables.     There is lots of room for bargaining prices.  This might be accessible for you, but transport to and from will effectively raise the prices.  I understand that there are some companies that deliver organic vegetables to your door.  Unsure of the prices, but I doubt they would be half supermarket prices.

Nairobi is a very expensive city though!

Hi, if you are in westlands, cheap vegetables and fresh you can get is in ngara market. Use Uber and you will pay 3 to six hundred shillings on fare. But if you are an expat then the price will go up so be sure to bargain and go in around nine or ten when there is no traffic.  In westlands you can go to naivas (fair prices. It they don't sell alcohol) or uchumi which is not reliable....hope that helps.

Of the supermarkets, Naivas is arguably the cheapest, certainly cheaper than Nakumatt.

Hello You can shop at Nairobi city market , opposite Aga Khan Hospital or at Kagemi market place , it's in west lands , or you procure me i can be shopping for guys and you pay me small fee , definitely we will negotiate the price of the service Offered not that much though , just reasonable   


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