Glutenfree products in Nairobi

Hi bloggers, I am new to this community. We plan to move to Nairobi in August. Signed up to connect to you all in the hope to get information on how easy/ hard it is to keep a glutenfree diet in Nairobi. My three year old son has gluten allergy. Should I import tons of ricecrackers and glutenfree flour, pasta etc or are such products easily available, at not too costly a price?
Looking forward to hearing from you!

I advise that you import enough, you might have to pay a pretty penny here for gluten free foods. i am intolerant to milk and enjoy almond milk, in NZ where i have lived for a while now, I paid 3$ for it, here it is about 8$..

where can i purchase gluten free products and almond milk in nairobi

You could try 'Healthy You'. They have branches at Sarit Centre, Junction Mall, Yaya Centre, Galleria Mall, T-Mall.

There is a decent health food shop at Village Market. 

Most products are imported and you need deep pockets to buy.

I switched to goat and camel milk......buying the likes of almond milk and soya milk was just too expensive, especially living out of Nairobi.

Thank you. We will hit the Healthy U at Sarit Centre this afternoon.  A Google search turned up several recipes for making almond milk at home.

Am sure that that Kenyan staple, ugali is naturally gluten free, being made from maize meal and a whole lot cheaper.  I adopted a local diet when I came here and really feel a whole lot healthier as a consequence.

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