where to buy goat meat?

Hi everyone,
I am newcomer in this city and I am very interested in local life.
Two weeks ago, we had taken a safari trip and had time to talk with the driver-guide. And we found out that the local people, when they use the word "mutton", it means "goat meat". While in English, mutton means another type of lamb ( but from older sheep).

Does goat meat taste good? Any idea where can I find goat meat? I have been to most of shopping mall and super market but I didn't see any yet.

Very appreciated for your answers.

I must say, I have not heard the term "mutton" being applied to goat meat.  If you want to taste it, suggest you head for the nearest nyama choma place........barbecued goat meat is generally served at such places.

Butchers should have goat's very widely eaten in Kenya.

You haven't heard about that mutton. Me either. I am so surprised when he said that.

Supermarket don't sell goat meat, right? Can you suggest for me any butchery near Sarit? \

Yesterday, I found one online store named NairobiGermanSausage which could deliver all sort of meat to your door. I am waiting for it pricing list which could be sent to me via email. Have you heard about that online butcher?


You might not find goat meat at the supermarket.  There is a large butchery at ABC Place - Gilani's.  They sell a wide range of meat and fish.  However, they cater for richer/western tastes.  Its a long time since I shopped there, so I can't remember whether they sell goat meat.

I understand that Nairobi German Sausage specialises in german meat products, so are unlikely to do goat meat.

If you want to buy goat meat for cooking at home, maybe try asking the watchman (security guard), or one of the workers where the best place to buy it is.  They may even get some for you, if you ask.  Otherwise, there is Maxland Grill and Njugunas Place on Waiyaki Way which do Nyama Choma.  Although very expensive, consider going to Carnivore Restaurant (next to Wilson Airport).  They serve a wide variety of meats, such as Ostrich, goat etc etc.

If you really want to live like a local, get Matumbo (stomachs) and make a stew with them - there are a few recipes online!

Thank you Longonot62 for your recommendations.
I will wander around if there Nyama Choma near my place to get a piece of grilled Goat Meat to taste the local  flavor. I sure that I will check the places you have mentioned on Waiyaki. I love to cook goat meat with my own country's recipe too.
About Nairobi German Sausage butcher, I know they don't have goat meat. I just ask if anyone heard about them before? I plan to order from them beef, lamb chop... Hopefully they have better quality and flavor than Sarit. Last week, we bought 2 pieces or Sirloin in Sarit, they were chewy. That is the reason why I want to try another butchers.

Have a nice day to you, Longonot62.

Gilani's is a high quality butcher, but with prices to match.

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