Visa Questions. I know this is a bit redundant, but....

As the title states. I am moving to Cambodia on 2016/18/10. I have been diligently looking up Cambodian (E) AKA Business Visa requirements. I am near Washington, DC, so the Embassy is close by on 16th street.

My Question.... Do you have to first start with a 30day E Visa, or can you go ahead and request and 6 Month multiple entry Visa? The 12 month is an option, but I need to look at my finances. I have a lump sum saved up to transition, but I am uncertain of the Visa process. I'd like to get it done at the DC Embassy to avoid crazy bribes.

Hi, I am not sure about getting an entry business visa that's longer than one month at the consulate (if that's an option: cool!). Usually the easiest thing here is to come in with a one month business visa (either get it at the consulate/embassy or on arrival) and then to visit a travel agency (some guesthouses also offer the service) where you can extend it for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.  It's pretty painless.  You don't need any "special" documents other than your passport.  I have no idea if you HAVE to start with a one month - maybe ask the consulate?

Good luck :-)

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