i need information about asian doctors

we should submit our comments it may be big help for all group members
pleas write name doctor
and clinic name and location if possible

I have seen Asian docs in

Al Yamamah Hospital,Al Manar,
Shifa Al Jazeera Polyclinic, Batha

Seems quite a useful idea.

1- Dr. Poonam (Olaya Medical Centre)
2- Dr. Tazeen Paracha (Al Hammadi Hospital Olaya)

In Dammam :
General Physician at ( Rubban Medical Centre )

1. Dr Talha .

My brother  :top:

in Jeddah

Dr. Gentapa - Filipino - GNP Hospital
Dr. Tan - Filipino - Chinese i guess. Jeddah national Hospital

I think if someone (or OP) can update the list with respect to cities and nationalities, it would become a worthwhile and stick-able post.

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