Advice on relocation to Egypt

Hello, I am Egyptian living in the UK with my husband and young son and will soon be relocating back to my home country. I am wondering whether it is worth moving some used furniture and using shipping services or just take our personal items as extra luggage. If anybody here had a similar experience I would appreciate if you can share it here or if you have any advices on how customs deal with our shipped stuff as I heard bad experiences from other people. Many thanks.

Welcome back to your home land and my advice is just take your personal stuff as extra luggage Cox you can find her new furniture by the shipment fees and you will get hard time dealing with papers and customs and now a day you can find all kind of furniture you can imagine so I think no need for much headaches
I wish if my advice help you all regards to you and your husband and your son and welcome back to Egypt :)

Many thanks for your kind reply. I am inclined to do so as I am concerned about having to deal with customs.... But also I am a bit concerned about the cost of furnishing a whole flat from scratch. If you have tips on where to buy second hand items in good condition or new but not extremely expensive that would be very helpful.

You don't need to have second hand ,go to ikea website you can find all with prices the you can compare,otherwise the currency difference now can compensate moving and shipping expenses

When you return back inshallah I will help you and your husband to find new furniture with reasonable price don't worry coz now a day you can find various price with various taste .
The most 2 places you can find what you need in place call in and out and the other one call ikaia so inshallah it will be easy and again welcome back to your country
All regards to you and your husband
             Captain Ahmed

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