Applying for a a German passport by virtue of a German mother

Hello. I have researched applying for my German passport and have booked a passport appointment with the German Embassy. 

I have obtained my full unabridged birth certificate showing I was born to a German mother (with a German passport only). I have not done military service in any other country. I hold a british passport. I have tried to contact the embassy to check the other supporting documents I need, as the application form and the website is not clear (or else I have missed something).

If anyone can give me guidance on this it would be much appreciated.


Theoretically this should not be a problem. Maybe you will need a copy of the birth certificate of your mother as well. Just having her listed on your birth certificate as being German is probably not enough. If you have no copy, there should be city records in the town where she was born. If she was born in Germany it is probably not a big deal. If she was born outside of Germany, although German, it might be more complicated to actually prove she was legitimately a German citizen.

There are a couple of threads on this site that have extensively addressed similar situations that are probably worth looking at: … 10#2721796 … 89#3281151

Thanks Tom. That's much appreciated. I will  check with my mum. She was born in Germany and hopefully will have her birth certificate somewhere.

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