Hi guys can someone help me with this? My aunt is currently working in germany and been living their for almost 20yrs.And her employer who owns a hotel wants to hire me,and ausbildung is the easiest way to get there.Is this posible?

Ausbildung is job training. One cannot work full time and also study or do a training at the same time. Where should one have the time none the less that it is not the smae status thus not the same visa. But having completed a training to work in a hotel then this might give you better qualifications so that they could justify hiring you.

ausbildung (apprenticeship) is a training course that combines practical work in a company with vocational school one or two days a week. You need good German language skills for the latter (and probably also for the practical work).
During the apprenticeship, which will last 2 - 3 years, you will be paid a small allowance, which might or might not pay your living expenses.
Does this answer your question?

Hallo I meant to ask l just joined soon what are the exact requirements for ausbuildung in Germany

The formal requirements vary between professions, but always include a secondary school certificate (Hauptschulabschluss, Realschule or Abitur) or its equivalent, and German language skills sufficient for following classes (usually B2 or better).
The individual employer might also have some idea what they want from an apprentice, so you‘d have to pass their selection process as well.

So when should someone apply for the ausbuildung and how

You can apply at any time - by sending your certificates, CV and motivation letter to suitable employers in your industry. There are events like job fairs etc. where you can find such employers, but the best method is probably doing your own online research or asking around in your social circle.

Thank you so much ...Actually l stay in Arnsberg still doing my language course but l want to join the nursing industries any that you might know of in Dusseldorf...lDo you have any preferences in mind...

Oh, nursing is different!
There, you don‘t apply directly at employers, but at nursing schools.
Look for such schools near you and ask for the entry formalities and requirements!

Hey im 19 currently in goethe institute in nairobi learning german till B1 level planning to apply for an ausbildung in economics(accounting)..will i be able to get enrolled.

Foxlordes: If you find an employer that gives you a chance (and is willing to go through the hurdles of sponsoring your visa), yes: you can attend an apprenticeship in Germany.

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