Work in Germany with Romanian residence permit

Hy everyone hope you all good ,
I'm a non EU national living in Romania with my Romanian citizen wife I have a Romanian residence permit for family member of Romanian national, we want move to germany together so my question is can I work in Germany with my Romanian residence permit or I have to apply first work or residence permit in Germany, if anyone knows what is procedure of working in Germany as a family member of EU citizen , any reply will b help full for me , thanks in advance

I'm pretty much in the same boat.  I believe if any EU National can move to another EU country and work and live there, and you as a Non-EU spouse would go under their application and be eligible to work the same.

But you would have to check with the German consulate in RO.

Well, you can NOT live or work in Germany with a Romanian residence permit.
As the above poster pointed out, you might be eligible for a German residence and work permit by being spouse of an EU citizen who moves there. I don't know the specifics, but this should give you an idea what to look out for.

So can I traveled to Germany with my Romanian citizen wife ? And if my wife will start working there and register then will I be able to register as well and receive a work permit ? Or is it mandatory that she goes alone and then I can go ?

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