help us to find our cat

We have lost our cat near to the rugby club in Saar. Her name is Grisù, she is a dark grey female with a white hair spot on her neck. She is wearing a violet collar (with an old telephone number on it, not working anymore). She is usually very friendly but must be scared by the situation.

If you have seen her please let us know, we are really sad without her!

phone number: xxx

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Hi Carmelabahrein,

Sorry to hear that, we also have a cat however she is a house cat and never goes outside, as I know my wife would be heartbroken if we ever lost her.

I really hope you get yours back.

Hi everyone,

@ Carmelabahrein, welcome on board  :)

Do not hesitate to drop an advert for your lost cat in the Bahrain pets classifieds.

The advert will benefit from more visibility on the website.

Hope you find it soon,

I've lost two cats of the many I've had and it's hard. Unfortunately, the chances of her coming back if she's been gone longer than a week are fairly remote. I do know a friend whose cat came back after 6 months though so you never know.

On the plus side, this means you have a great excuse to head to the BSPCA to get your cat fix. Who knows, you may be tempted to get a replacement...

Thank you very much for your support. She was used to go outside in our previous assignment,  that's why I was so confident. I really hope she will find her way to home.

We can always hope she will be back but I know this is hard. Thanks for your reply and support, it is very important  for us!

Thank you Bavhna!

Sorry to hear about your cat carmelabahrein, could you drop a message with a photo on mums in bahrain Facebook page

Hope you find it soon


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