How to speak in arabic

Yellow ppl! As all could be surprise l am half lebanese but don't speak arabic. Now l live at Amman and really whant to fix this. Did any body know some courses? Because l tried to learn from my family but it is useless :(
Thanks for all

Hello Doc!

There are a few schools around,

Ahlan Jordan

French Institute … e/?fref=ts

Ali Baba

There are quite a few more schools you could google.. Hmm also there's a language exchange event that might interest you as well

What else if by any chance you speak French or know a French native who'd like to do a language exchange, please let me know.


the jordan University... language center

I can tech you :)

I have studied in Amman with a teacher it is the second year I come to Amman to study and it's really a good teacher qualified and patient is on the forum she called  Ebtessam quaternah

Thank you all for your help!


I am moving to Amman at Nov 1st . And do think that i will be able to assist you to learn Arabic languge as soon as you are intersting and practice what you are learned.

Its an easy languge but you should have a basic gramer.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi friend

There is one good centre available in amman

I can guide you to

The best way to improve your language is to have friends who chat with you most the times

Wish you all the best dear
Please contact me on ***

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i have the same questions..

Hello Dr Kris,

I am planning to come to Amman within 2-3 weeks and live there. I would also like to learn spoken Arabic language there for communication purposes. I also speak Russian and English. If you find good place for learning, please share with me too.


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