Looking for some friends in Sydney

Hi guys,

I'm Alex, I live in Sydney for more than a month now and I'm looking for some people to meet to enjoy the city. If you're new here or you just want to meet new people, please contact me !

Cheers :)


Hi mfssydney and welcome to the forum.

Perhaps introduce your self to the forum with a little information about yourself.

Hi Alex and welcome to Sydney!
Since you're a French speaker, I let you know that there is a French group (with both native speakers and beginners) which is meeting every week in a cafe or a pub. It's called "the sydney french language group" (on Meetup).
My boyfriend and I are going to the meetings on Saturdays, so it'd be a pleasure to see you there.

Feel free to send me a message to chat, or if you want advice about the city.

Hi Alex,

Same for me. I'm an expat in Sydney, looking for friends to catch up and just explore the city with. Let me know if you like to meet some day.


This might be a good option to for all who wish to meet new folks.
Global Organization - a social non Religious affiliation.  They gather once a month - however, offer options to meet-up in between with social events and outings.  It's fun and I don't even sing.  Find a location nearby:

Sunday Assembly Sydney - Google Search … ent=safari

Sunday Assembly in Australia - Google Search … ent=safari

hello how ar u finding the new life in sydeny

Hi everyone, my name is Ashwin and I just moved to Sydney too. Looking to meet and make some new friends :)

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