Hard Disk Corrupted. Need help in recovery

Hey Guys,

Can you please help in recovering data from my hard disk. It got corrupted I don't know how.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


There are two options in recovering of corrupted data,

If it's an external hard drive follow this link

If it an internal hard drive, (do not format it) remove it and put insert it in an hard disk driver or casing and use the above link.

If it seems somehow difficult, you can call me to put you through....

is it detectable or not, if u are able to detect it in Windows then try software like R-studio Data Recovery (Registered) to get back your all data

Thanks. I tried everything. Some softwares were able to recover some files, but those files were not opening. I am taking the disks back to India now.

Hello :cheers:

I once went through the same issue and used a software called wondershare data recovery to get back some data.

I bought the full version of the software and despite that, I could only partly recover some data.

What I remember is that I could recover small data well but large datas like videos, wave file sounds and large graphics data were partly corrupted. I tried several things but still could not get my very important large file data to work. I finally gave up and started all my work over again.

If you get any information how to recover them without any corrupted files, please share!


Sure. Will do.

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