Cheap calling rate from Oman to India

Hi all,

I am in muscat from past 2 weeks. Yet I couldn't find out the cheap calling option from Muscat to India.. If you know any such best options please let me know.. Thanks in advance :) Have a nice day.

Hi balajisk07,

Most expatriates use IMO which is currently one of the best working VoIP connections around the Muscat region.

Also, WhatsApp voice call and video calls work equally well, besides many others too.

However, to use all of these one would need to have a VPN connection, since officially these services are disallowed, though are freely available and in use.


That's right. WhatsApp, IMO or Skype calling whether voice or video are all blocked and the only way to use them is by VPN connection. However, there's another app called Justalk which works without VPN and the voice and video are clear and much better that IMO. Just make sure that both sides of caller and callee should have installed Justalk. Enjoy it.


Just forgot to mention that Justalk is a VoIP service. Therefore, it needs an internet connection of data or WiFi.

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