For rental: brandnew car with private driver

Hi all,

Need to rent a car to travel around or just for business purpose with a friendly/ english speaking driver for a low budget? Pls contact me: tamnguyen9239[at]

Or call me for any questions.  +84.942714279



This post will soon be moderated with at minimum removal of personal email and phone number.   I would be fine with that.  Anyone may contact by PM.   I do hope the post is allowed to remain for discussion as it is what I like to call "looking to buy" as opposed to "looking to sell."  Posting a classified on this subject may be a good idea but it will only get responses from people with car and driver for rent, who will of course describe their service as the best in Vietnam.  Leaving the post here on the front forum allows other consumers, i.e. other expats who have used such services, to recommend services they have used or conversely to inform this young lady of who to stay away from.  The classifieds do not do that.

THIGV I couldn't agree more. Relegating posts to classified ads is a keen to throw them in the waste basket.

On a similar vein off thread posts contain information that would be helpful to other expats. Exsizing those only throws away that information for the mediocre reason that it isn't germaine to the thread?
How about placing a subheading below the reply such as " OFF THREAD ", this way if anyone only wanted to follow only the thread they could skip it. It may even avoid some carpal tunnel syndrome on some of the moderators.

I followed protocols and posted in the classified looking for a live-in housekeeper couple weeks ago. It somehow ended up in the Vung Tau section even though I am in Bien Hoa closer to Ho Chi Minh city.

Suffice to say got 0 replies and still looking for a live-in housekeeper. Seems $5 mil/month with room and food all included is too low.

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