Getting resident visa after marriage

Hello All,

I moved to Ghana in March 2016 on a tourist visa from the US and got married a few months later to a Ghanaian. Can someone tell me when will I be able to apply for a resident visa? The information I've seen so far seems to suggest 5 years after living here. That seems unreasonable. Am I expected to leave Ghana and then keep returning on my multi-entry tourist visa?


You apply for the residents permit during the 90 days visitors visa period. You will then be issued with a residents permit for a year which allows multiple entry. After the first year you can get a two or three year permit. You will also have to get the non-citizen's ID card as you need to show it when you apply for the permit. After 5 years you can apply for an indefinite visa as long as you can fulfill the conditions. I got mine this year and that means I am a permanent resident.

Thanks hkann, that is manageable.

hello dear, I am a bangladeshi passport holder. now stay in malaysia (work permit). I have a girl friend ghanyan. she live in accra. she wish to get marry, my wish also. how can meet together, arrange visa. my wish to settle in ghana. after can get a citizenship or not & how? thanks

I presume you will have to get a visa and fly to Accra. You can then get married and apply for a residents visa but that will not allow you to work so you will have to have funds to support yourself or your wife will have to support you. After 5 years you can apply for an indefinite visa or maybe citizenship

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