Physiotherapy licensing

I am looking to see if I can find information regarding licensing for physical therapists. I am having difficulty finding the licensing agency, and would appreciate any assistance from others here who are either PTs or have spouses who are PTs. I am currently licensed in the USA in New York, and hold a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I would also need information on their examination process.
I am not looking for work visa information, just licensing since nothing can even be sought after without a license.

Hey, if you are in Nairobi pay us a visit at RacingSportGym Valley View Office Park, city park drive, off. Limuru rd., Parklands.
I can put you in touch with someone who used to be a PT in Canada and now practices here in nairobi.

There is also a PT in our Building


I am in Nairobi visiting while my husband and I are deciding if we would like to live here. Since I leave tomorrow night I will definitely stop by tomorrow, but would need any introductions to be over the internet or tomorrow.


This is the organisation which you need to contact: … therapists

Note that the professional title here is Physio, not Physical, therapist and its registration, rather than licensing -  maybe the difference in terminology threw you off track.

Further to my previous post, even if you register, it's a profession within which there is quite a high unemployment rate, locally and the government are very keen to promote local employment over the issuance of work permits to foreigners.  If your husband gains employment here, you will be entitled to a Dependents pass, under which any type of work is prohibited.  I really don't know how this sits with the need to do an internship as part of the registration process, as this may well be classed as 'work'.

Things are much tougher, for foreign workers than they used to be.

Did you find out anymore information?

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