Looking for new friends

My name is Ha, I am living in the countryside, it is far away Ha Noi capital city 45Km, I live very close to Noi Bai airport. I do my own work as a private tutor/ private teacher. I work at home.
I can speak English/Vietnamese/Chinese and a bit Korean. I would love to exchange languages with foreigners.
There are some places to see in near my village such as: natural lake, pottery village. I can show you things and  meet local people.
You are invited to come and see my village at any time.
I like learning new things and meeting new people.
Looking forward to hearing from you all,

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Sadly, your post is the type of which we would like to see more

..but on this forum, the thought police feel they have a moral obligation to protect the naive & innocent: people from themselves...

On behalf of the silent majority, thank you for trying!             :top:

Hi there Ha,

I am coming to your beautiful country next week and will be based in Saigon and am looking to make new locals who can speak English like yourself.

I am from Australia, please contact if you are interested,

Thank you..................Des

This is Ha from Viet Nam, I am glad to get your information here.
it is nice for us to share our understanding, knowledge, information about each other's countries. I am so glad to tell you what I know all about my country and local people here.
That is my part in life, to get to know more the world, to do something that I can do my best.
how can we communicate with each other.
I have some ways to keep in touch, but the forum deleted ways to contact me.

Hi Ha,

If you would like  to correspond with me and share cultural and other topics, please contact me on  my email address ***
Thank you......................Des

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Reason : Do not post your personal contact details on a public forum for your own security

that is so interesting to hear from you here.
I am living in the North, I live in the countryside , it is near Ha Noi city, 45 KM away Ha Noi city.
I am my own boss, I control my time, I am a private tutor, doing my own work at my room. I teach local children English. I only work a few hours per day and a few days per week. I have some days off every week.
I can speak English, Chinese. I am social , friendly to visitors. I would love to see you in my village.
I can take you to see things, to meet local people and to be a private tour guide free in my village. I live in pottery village. I hope you can come here.
I wonder how we can contact and keep in touch because this forum they prohibit personal information.

can you search my id at your smart phone appliances if we may find each other

s k
yp e username

Dear friend from Australia,
I did contact you, please keep in touch

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