Migrating to Canada via study

Hi everyone,

I have been to British Columbia twice and fall in love. I'm planning to get my permanent resident via study. Really need advise as i have approached some immigration agencies both in Singapore and BC, a few have offered what i can do for free online for less than $10k. While there is this one agency that actually asked for more than $40k for offering the fastest and cheapest way to get the PR.

I have a Bachelor degree in Finance and have more than 5 years of working experience in the insurance and banking industries.

Need  advise on what exactly is the most effective way to get my PR in BC as i know that it is hard to get offer a job when you are not living in BC.

I have tried to email the BC PNP but all they do is to give me the link which i already know.

Any suggestions helps!

I'm planning to get my permanent resident via study

If you coming to study, then you're going to apply for a study permit which does not allow to work. However with the study permit, you can work off campus for a max of 20 hours per week when you apply an off campus work permit (only after you have obtained your study permit).

Getting your PR on your own is not something impossible but at the same time a messy affair given that there's lots of paper work involve and time and effort needs to be invested into it. There sometimes some gatcha moments that you may not be aware of and may not have been explicitly mentioned in any of the instructions online. This is when the services of a "RELIABLE" immigration consultant is vital. NOTE: the emphasis on reliable. The trick then becomes - which immigration consultant can you depend on.

Now, if given that money is not an issue - then off the top of my head, go for the obvious like Campbell Cohen and many of the ones that comes up top of the search result list when you google for it. But they are expensive because they are famous. 40K does sound ridiculous especially if you were referring to CAD$. It should not cost that much. Now if you're just by yourself and your case isn't overly complicated - it shouldn't be a 5 figure thing. You have to account for registration fees, card fees, your parcel cost, etc - all in shouldn't be more than 5K (don't quote me but that's my feel). Having said that, if your case is complicated and you are coming with a family, that figure will change.

All the best.

Hi Philip,

Thank you for your reply!

Is there a minimum duration to the study program? Like for instance some has been telling me that I need at least 2 years of post secondary education in BC, follow by 1 year of working experience in Canada before I'm eligible to apply for the EE PNP (either international graduate or post international graduate category) in BC.

I would like to notice that it could not be so easy to get the work permit off the campus.

If you study full time for 2 years you are eligible to work for two years, but if you study for anything less than 2 years you are only eligible to work for 1 year. But make sure your place of study is accredited to make you eligible to work for a certain period after you complete your studies, because not all of them are. Contact their student services department first, before applying.

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