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Dear All,

I will be moving to Amman soon. Can someone recommend what is a best area to live in Amman with a young kid? I will be looking for a villa or an apartment with a garden. Certainly the apartment should be located in a safe area with easy commute and near to shops/hospitals/ restaurants. In  addition, I would prefer to be close to/ in Shmeshiani neighbourhood as this is where my office is located (Bilal Ben Rabah). I am not sure whether Shmesiani is a good area to live with a kid though. Could someone advise?

I found a very nice villa advertised on the 2nd circle of Amman. Is 2nd circle good and safe place for living? How far is it from Shmesiani?

I shall appreciate you advice on my numerous questions.

Many thanks in advance, Tamara

I think Shmesani is very good; there is also a bird park for your kids. I found their page on FB and here is the link:

Shmesani it is a crowded area as the whole areas in Amman. I think there is a lot of places in Amman, which a i advice you to check before you rent an apartment or Villa, i prefer to check the 7th circle area (Umm as-Simmaq) or Swefeyya also  Abdoun.

All these places are safe, as such as whole of Jordan.

i wish you all the best and good stay in Jordan

Many thanks for your reply - very helpful. Is 7th circle close to Shemsiani neighbourhood? My office is in Shmesiani and would like to rent a place closer to the office - not more than 20min drive away. Shall appreciate your advice on this. Many thanks in advance.

The distance is about 6 KM... In normal traffic you can drive it in 20 min. but it depends when you are going out from your department... if in the morning 7-9 it takes usually more than one hour.... in the evening and at night too...

Please keep in mind, that Amman is very crowded city especially in summer... All the Arabs foreigners come to Jordan to spend their vocation... as well known; the countries around Jordan have difficulties "civil war". So they prefer to spend their summer vocation in Amman.

i think the best place for you is Shmesiani  or around the shmesani, such as near the sport city.

Good Luck!

Many thanks indeed - extremely helpful!

U r welcome

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